Albany Snow Shovel Choices

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It is easy to assume something that is bigger is going to work better. Though that might be true for some products, but for snow shovels, the one with the larger shovel scoop might not be the one that Albany homeowners should purchase. Loading a snow shovel up with wet, heavy snow will put a lot of stress on ones back and shoulders. Never think of it as a race to get the snow removed from ones driveway and walkways as fast as possible. On average, snow shovels that are 19 to 22 inches wide are a good choice.

Snow Removal Albany NY wants to look at some tips on shovel selection here. There are three main materials that snow shovels are made of that are compared first.

Albany Snow Shovel ChoicesSnow Shovelling Albany NY

Plastic shovels are very light and strong at the same time, which is nice. It is more difficult for a plastic shovel, than a metal one, to freeze which makes it easier for snow to release off of the shovel. The main downside is with a lot of scraping on concrete the leading edge can waer down in just one winter season’s worth of work. A second disadvantage is that plastic shovels do not work the best to scrape ice off of walkways or driveways.

Steel shovels will last the longest, no doubt about that. Because of their durability, they are excellent at getting ice scraped up. Drawbacks are steel shovels usually cost the most, they are the heaviest to lift, and therefore will require the most energy to use.

The last choice of shovel material is aluminum. These are a stronger material than plastic, and also lighter weight and less expensive than steel shovels. The main drawback is that an aluminum shovel can bend when scraping ice or if a crack in the walkway or driveway is hit. One can attempt to bend the shovel back into shape, but it will be very easy for the shovel to bend in the same place again then.

The best choice in terms of shovel scoop material will be personal preference and if more snow or ice will need to be removed.

Types of Snow Shovel Handles

Snow shovel handles are made of some of the same materials as the shovel scoop itself: steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass or resin. Again, it can be personal preference of the material choice. Fiberglass or resin handles are going to have the best strength-to-weight ratio, though they will cost more because of this.

Albany Snow Shovel Costs

As with most things it seems, the price for snow shovels vary greatly depending on the materials they are made of. One could pay anywhere from $15 to over $100 for a steel and fiberglass handle shovel. Choose one that feels comfortable to handle, seems to be sturdy, and will work on the snow and/or ice it will be used to scrape and move.

Please make sure to follow our snow shovels tips here, and of course Snow Removal Albany is here for all of your larger snow plowing needs, as well as when one isn’t up to the physical activity of shoveling oneself.

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